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If you are a bit unsure of what to purchase or you want to get started into collecting a certain group of plants, I have put together these collections. The plants are my choice but you always get larger and/or more valuable plants than if ordered individually.


All orders are now placed by email:

  • Email me a list of what you'd like bobsmoleys@gmail.com
  • I will reply with what is available and suggest some substitutes if necessary
  • Once you're happy with the list, I will send a PayPal invoice
  • Once paid, I will prepare and ship your plants!

32003 CURIOSITIES, CREST AND VARIEGATE ASSORTMENT For those who like the unusual or bazaar, this is for you. Most of these are mutations from their normal forms such as twisted, monstrous, crested or variegated growth patterns and are quite conversation pieces. You will be pleased with my collection of both cactus and succulent curiosities. Ten different for 3-4 inch pots, all labeled. $45.00

85790 EUPHORBIA ASSORTMENT These are so many to choose from. I will pick SIX different rooted plants with a wide range of shapes. All labeled. $20.00

85791 CROWN OF THORN ASSORTMENT Euphorbia milii hybrids and relatives. A wide range of flower color will be included. 8 different, all labeled. $25.00

85795 ADROMISCHUS ASSORTMENT Try six different of these unusual plants, all labeled. $15.00

85793 ALOE ASSORTMENT There are many different Aloes and at times it is confusing. I will put together 10 different Aloes with different shapes and colors. All labeled. $30.00

32006 SANSEVIERIA ASSORTMENT One of the most neglected pushed aside group of plants there is! They are quite rugged and interesting once you get to know them. Easy growing and thriving on neglect with many different leaf markings and textures. Some are rosette shapes, strap leaves, cylindrical leaves and even some with spider plant like runners. Ten different for 4-5 inch pots, all labeled. $60.00

32007 HAWORTHIA ASSORTMENT Easy growing and not needing strong sunlight to survive. Most grow in a rosette fashion that quickly pups or offsets that can be taken away and easily rooted. They can also take cool winters with temperatures as low as 40 degrees. This is a large genus and I have many to choose from so you are sure to receive a nice assortment. Ten different for 3-4 inch pots, all labeled. $30.00

THE BONANZA ASSORTMENTS You get the most for your money with these assortments. You can choose to have all cactus, all succulents or a combination. All are choice plants for 3-4 inch pots and all labeled. A great way to start off any collection or to give as a gift.

32001 BONANZA 10 plants, all cactus, all labeled. $30.00

32023 BONANZA 10 plants, all succulents, all labeled. $25.00

32024 BONANZA 20 plants, cactus and succulent mix, all labeled. $40.00

32025 BONANZA 50 plants, cactus and succulent mix (values from 3-5 dollars each), all labeled. Great for fund raisers or small plant sales. $50.00

32017 HOYA ASSORTMENT Unrooted cuttings in moss 2 per liner 10 different, assorted. $50.00

32018 HOYA COLLECTORS ASSORTMENT Hoya assortment, rooted. 7 for $100.00

32022 TILLANDSIA ASSORTMENT FIVE different Air Plants, members of the Bromeliad family, complete with growing instructional sheet and all labeled. $15.00

32052 RHIPSALIS ASSORTMENT Ten different unrooted cuts, all labeled. $15.00

32053 HYBRID ORCHID CACTUS ASSORTMENT (EPIPHYLLUMS) Ten different orchid cactus to get anyone started collecting these wonderful plants. All are sent as unrooted cuts and all will be labeled. $25.00

32054 JUNGLE PLANT ASSORTMENT Ten different jungle cactus to include epiphyllums, selenicereus, aporophyllums and more. All are sent as unrooted cuts and all labeled. $20.00

32055 PEANUT CACTUS ASSORTMENT (CHAMAEOLOBIVIA) Ten different free flowering in the spring and all labeled. $30.00
Also, unrooted cuttings available - 10 for $10.00


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