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This with out a doubt the largest offering of Sansevierias ever offered. These plants cannot be shipped in the pots. At times you will receive cuttings with air roots. Most plants are for four inch pots and some are even for six inch pots. Start a collection now.

All orders are now placed by email:

  • Email me a list of what you'd like bobsmoleys@gmail.com
  • I will reply with what is available and suggest some substitutes if necessary
  • Once you're happy with the list, I will send a PayPal invoice
  • Once paid, I will prepare and ship your plants!

32006 SANSEVIERIA ASSSORTMENTAGA$60.0010 different. PLEASE NOTE there is a $20 shipping fee for this assortment!
10002 SANSEVIERIA AETHIOPICAAGA$10.00Fountain of stiff narrow banded leaves in a graceful arching vase form.
10004 SANSEVIERIA ANGUSTIFOLIAAGA$13.00Still apple green mottled leaves with red edge, making a multi-leaved large plant.
10009 SANSEVIERIA BALLYIAGA$11.00Small cylindrical rosettes that form spider like runners wit new plants, good for mossed baskets.
30603 SANSEVIERIA 'DRUID HILL'AGA$13.00Easy growing forming above ground tight offsets to about 24 inches.
10084 SANSEVIERIA 'FERNWOOD'AGA$16.00A hybrid produced by Fernwood Nurseries in California, one parent being gracilis. Dark cylindrical arching leaves with close to the soil runners producing offsets. Hybrid made by Rogers Weldt.
30619 SANSEVIERIA 'FROSTY SPEARS'AGA$13.00Silver green attractive leaves, a large fat blue form of S.suffruticosa.
30605 SANSEVIERIA T~'GREEN FOUNTIAN'AGA$13.00Thin light green almost grass like leaves making a very attractive hanging basket in time. Only 8-10 inches tall. Hybrid by Alice Waidhoffer.
30607 SANSEVIERIA 'JABOA'AGA$10.00Very attractive crossband markings. Leaves to about four inches wide and 30 inches tall making a fine floor plant. Looking like a largeer, more attractive S. aubriyiana.
10041 SANSEVIERIA 'KOKO'AGA$50.00Limited availability. An undetermined hybrid found growing in an experimental plot in Koko Crater, Hawaii. Can get quite large.
30608 SANSEVIERIA 'LAKE SABAYA'AGA$21.00Looking like a moe squat form of S. concinna. One of the spoon leaf sansevierias.
23435 SANSEVIERIA 'MALAWI BAT'AGA$25.00Another one of the "bats" that is rarely available. Leaves are thick, round and with some attractive light banding. When mature the spear like leaves can widen from about the middle to the tip becoming a flat leaf...very unusual. Verl limited availability, inquire.
30611 SANSEVIERIA 'MINNIE'AGA$10.00This is a smaller, more tighter growing form of S. ballyi sending off runners in all darections.
23250 SANSEVIERIA 'ROSEA-GRANDIS'AGA$14.00A smaller, darker green form of S.subspicata.
10077 SANSEVIERIA 'SAN REMO' (SMOKED SAUSAGE)AGAOUTA strange plant ! The new offsets come out of the soil a bright yellow variegation and when they fully mature they turn a dark green, medium grower.
10037 SANSEVIERIA 'WHITE STRIPED GIANT'AGA$30.00Wide strap leaves with uneven mottled white variegation, will get large and make an impressive specimen.
10011 SANSEVIERIA CAESPITOSAAGA$10.00Rare, small and slow growing, grassy looking.
10012 SANSEVIERIA CANALICULATAAGA$13.00Upright cylindrical leaves that are stiff in a cluster, medium growing.
10013 SANSEVIERIA CANALICULATA DWARFAGA$9.00Much smaller than the true canaliculata, never seeming to get above 12 inches or so.
10015 SANSEVIERIA CAULESCENSAGA$8.00Pfenning collection.
10014 SANSEVIERIA CONCINNAAGA$13.00Narrow blue green leaves forming a rosette.
10018 SANSEVIERIA CYLINDRICAAGA$11.00Channeled cylindrical leaves growing straight up in a fan shape. Will make a large plant in time.
10020 SANSEVIERIA DAWEIAGA$12.00Thick stiff mottled large leaves, give lots of room to grow as it will get large with heavy roots.
10023 SANSEVIERIA DOONERIAGA$7.00Similar to S.parva with soft narrow leaves, does well in basket , medium to small growing.
23784 SANSEVIERIA DESERTIAGA$50.00Tall growing spears. The leaves can be 1 1/2 inches at the base and have a deep acute channel, almost as wide as the leaf, that goes all the way to the tip. Leaves are marked with longitudinal impresses lines running the entire lenghth of the leaf. Limited availability.
23253 SANSEVIERIA DOWNSIIAGA$55.00This plant can grow to be a monster. A giant, hard stiff rosette. These are large plants that are offered for eight inch pots or better. Very limited.
10029 SANSEVIERIA FISCHERI "LEOPARD BAT"AGA$30.00Dark, stiff, thick boat leaves, good grower, attractive.
10028 SANSEVIERIA FISCHERI (SINGULARIS)AGA$12.00Rough tapered cylindrical leaf that will get quite large if given room.
23276 SANSEVIERIA FORSKAOLIANAAGA$25.00Leaves to 30 inches tall and 4 inches wide that are dull dark bluish-green with faintly marked crossbanding.
10026 SANSEVIERIA FRANCISSII (FKH 432)AGA$11.00Looks like a large astroloba, spiky, very geometric tight rosette, slow growing.
10030 SANSEVIERIA GRACILISAGA$8.00Stiff, clumping grass like that is good for mossed baskets.
10035 SANSEVIERIA ELLIPTICA "HORWOOD" (FKH 424)AGA$14.00Wide, thick short leaves with some markings.
10040 SANSEVIERIA HYACINTHOIDESAGA$10.00Medium growing, some markings.
10043 SANSEVIERIA KIRKII V. KIRKIIAGA$15.00Very attractive green leaves with salmon splotches and wavy edges, easy to grow.
10045 SANSEVIERIA KIRKII V. PULCHRAAGA$15.00Great coloring of rose beige blotches, thick wavy edged leaves.
10047 SANSEVIERIA LIBERICAAGA$10.00Easy to grow wide green mottled leaves.
30610 SANSEVIERIA LIBERICA STRIATEDAGA$30.00Wide cream silver green leaves forming an attractive vase, clean looking and easy to grow.
10048 SANSEVIERIA LONGIFLORAAGA$13.00Graceful attractively blotched strap leaves, easy flowering, medium sized.
10049 SANSEVIERIA LONGIFLORA VARIEGATEDAGA$25.00Nice unevenly striped cream gold variegation.
10052 SANSEVIERIA MASAIAGA$12.00Wide leaves and large growing with heavy root system.
10053 SANSEVIERIA MASONIANA (MASON CONGO)AGA$25.00Wide stiff waxy mottled leaves that will grow quite large if given the room. The leaves will grow to 8-10 inches wide an as much as 3-4 feet tall in time.
10054 SANSEVIERIA MASONIANA (MASON CONGO) VARIEGATEDAGA$25.00Same as the normal except with striking yellow gold uneven variegation, slow and smaller growing than the normal and rarely available.
10056 SANSEVIERIA METALLICAAGA$12.00Dark green wide blades with no hint of being metallic.
30622 SANSEVIERIA METALLICA VARIEGATEDAGA$25.00Nicely variegated leaves growing to three feet tall or better making an attractive floor plant.
10061 SANSEVIERIA NILOTICA OBSCURAAGA$10.00Lighter green medium width leaves.
10063 SANSEVIERIA PARVAAGA$7.00Very prolific easy to grow grass like forming runners, makes a good mossed basket plant.
10066 SANSEVIERIA PARVA VARIEGATED WHITEAGA$30.00Much rarer that all the rest with predominate white overall variegation, can revert.
10067 SANSEVIERIA PARVA X SENAGAMBICAAGA$8.00A bit wider leaf than parva and a bit larger growing.
10070 SANSEVIERIA PATENSAGA$11.00Round recurved fat leaves in a fan shape, easy growing.
30621 SANSEVIERIA PEARSONIIAGA$25.00Hard stiff rigid leaves forming a fan when mature. Slow growing and slow to pup.
10071 SANSEVIERIA PHILLIPSIAEAGA$14.00Large spiraled fan of cylindrical leaves sending out spider like offsets, good in mossed baskets.
10072 SANSEVIERIA PINGUICULAAGA$25.00Thick, slow growing fan shaped rosette, hard pointed leaves n time producing in air offsets. Some times refereed to as the walking sansevieria, very agave looking, slow.
10074 SANSEVIERIA RAFILLIIAGA$17.00Wide flat stiff deep green decorative leaves making a large specimen in time.
10150 SANSEVIERIA RHODESIANAAGA$12.00Stiff upright cylindrical leaves with nice crossbanded markings.
10076 SANSEVIERIA ROXBURGIANAAGA$18.00Attractive fountain shaped with lots of mottling, channeled leaves.
10078 SANSEVIERIA SCABRIFOLIAAGA$18.00Narrow leaved fountain shaped with dried red edge, slow growing smaller plant.
30616 SANSEVIERIA SCIMITARIFORMISAGA$25.00A not so often available species from Zimbabwe, very limited availability.
23783 SANSEVIERIA SINUS-SIMIORUMAGA$30.00Known in the past as the 'Super Bat' and now has been given a species name. In time the hard round spear like leaves can get almost two inches wide. A bit slow growing and very limited. Please inquire as to availability.
10081 SANSEVIERIA SENAGAMBICA STRIATEDAGA$30.00Light variegated striations on the normal.
10080 SANSEVIERIA SENEGAMBICAAGA$8.00Solid waxy dusty green strap leaves, medium growing.
10088 SANSEVIERIA SP. KENYA (SPOON LEAF DWARF)AGAOUTThin petioles widen into an elongated spoon shaped leaf, very different, small growing, 4-6 inches.
10087 SANSEVIERIA SP. KENYA (SPOON LEAF LARGE)AGAOUTTwice the size as the dwarf variety.
10147 SANSEVIERIA SP. LAV. 629AGA$12.00Cylindrical leaved rosettes.
10160 SANSEVIERIA SP. TRANSKEIAGA$12.00Two-inch wide flat, very slight crossbanding with thin red edged leaves.
10090 SANSEVIERIA STUCKYIIAGA$16.00Large growing stiff cylindrical spikes, very dramatic when older.
10092 SANSEVIERIA SUFFRUTICOSAAGA$10.00Cylindrical clumping spiky fan formation, easy growing.
10093 SANSEVIERIA SULCATA (BACULARIS)AGA$12.00Long thin cylindrical leaves with wavy, floppy appearance.
30601 SANSEVIERIA T~'BLACK GOLD SUPERBA'AGAOUTWide dark green leaves with contrasting yellow edges, clean looking and easy to grow.
10010 SANSEVIERIA T~'BANTEL'S SENSATION'AGAOUTVery attractive and easy to grow. Strong white markings on deep green stiff upright leaves, very popular.
10098 SANSEVIERIA T~'FUTURA'AGA$10.00Wide attractive leaves with distinct golden yellow edge.
10109 SANSEVIERIA T~ MOONSHINEAGAOUTWide cream silver green leaves forming an attractive vase, clean looking and easy to grow.
82123 SANSEVIERIA T~ PEARL YOUNGAGAOUTSilver gray tall rosettes with cream margins.
10134 SANSEVIERIA T~ ROBUSTAAGA$9.00Wide leaves not getting very tall, attractive crossbanding, often referred to as Futura reversion.
10116 SANSEVIERIA T~'SUNRISE'AGA$30.00Exceedingly variable green and yellow striping.
10118 SANSEVIERIA T~H~ HAHNIIAGAOUTThe old fashion "Bird's Nest Plant", dark green easy to grow rosette.
10120 SANSEVIERIA T~ H~ GOLDEN HAHNIIAGAOUTBirds nest with light cream throughout with center of longitudinal dark green variable markings, overall golden look, very attractive, likes warm temperatures.
30614 SANSEVIERIA VOLKENSIIAGA$21.00Known for a long time as S. intermedia. Tall growing spears and is seldom available anywhere.
10140 SANSEVIERIA ZELYANICAAGA$10.00Some believe to be a Laurentii.
30615 SANSEVIERIA ZELYANICA STRIATEDAGA$30.00Limited availability, please inquire.

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