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Cold tolerant plants for outdoor gardening, most to Zone 5. All the below listed plants are in addition to the list on the web and in the 2002 paper catalog which is still being used.

If you need to see which Zone you live in check out one of these maps: Eastern USA, Western USA.

CRA $4.50 A tiny member of the primrose family with white flowers
CRA $4.50 Forming aggressive mats with small white flowers
23665CRASSULA SEDIFOLIA$4.50Close, dense pads of congested rosettes of tiny bronzed fleshy leaves and heads of small white flowers.
23645EPHEDRA FEDTSHENKOI$8.0023751JOVIBARBA "EMERALD SPRINGS"$4.50Sempervivum look alike.
23656JOVIBARBA "OLYMPICUM"$4.50Sempervivum look alike.
23666LEWESIA COLUMBIANA SSP. RUPICOLA$4.5023660PRIMULA ARICULA$4.50Thick, large blue-gray leaves, yellow flowering on 12 inch stems in April-May.
23655RAOULIA AUSTRALIS$4.50Very tiny leaved ground cover that looks like small gravel sprinkled on the soil. Marginally hardy.
23653ROSULARIA RECHINGERI$4.5023826RUSCHIA CV. HOMATA$4.50Very miniature and shrubby.
23825RUSCHIA INDURATA$4.50Miniature creeping and prostrate.
23824RUSCHIA PULCHELLA$4.50Creeping and prostrate.
23827RUSCHIA PULTERELII$4.50Very miniature and shrubby.
23657SAXIFRAGA ROTUNDIFOLIA$4.50Tufts of fleshy, kidney-shaped leaves with 14 inch starry white flowers in May-June, encrusted type.
23662SAXIFRAGA "SPRITE"$4.50Neat compact mounds producing carmine-pink flowers, encrusted type.
23663SAXIFRAGA TRIFURICATA VARIEGATA$4.50A nicely variegated form with very thready green leaves edged creamy white.
23760SAXIFRAGA UMBROSA "ELLIOT'S VARIETY"$4.50Tight green rosettes splashed with cream variegation sending up 4-6 inch stems bearing dangling rose-pink flowers in spring.
23667SAXIFRAGA UMBROSA "LONDON'S PRIDE"$4.50Very similar looking to S. "Elliot's Variety".
23652SEDUM ACRE "GOLDEN ACRE"$4.50Fine yellow-green carpet foliage.
23651SEDUM ALBUM SSP. MICRANTHUM$4.50Miniature form with white flowers and bronze-red, tiny foliage.
23747SEDUM GLOBOSUM$4.50Fat, roundish dark green beades.
23748SEDUM "GOLD MOUND"$4.50Mat forming yellow green foliage, small leaves.
23647SEDUM "JOHN CREECH"$4.50Very best ground cover only two inches tall with pink flowers in June.
23649SEDUM LYDIUM$4.50Tiny emerald green, ferny, evergreen foliage with white flowers in summer.
23749SEDUM MAKINOI "LIMELIGHT"$4.50Low growing plant with chartreuse foliage and yellow green flowers in summer.
23744SEDUM PALLIDUM$4.50Rare in cultivation producing pale blue-green linear leaves with long spreading stems of flowers in summer.
23644SEDUM POPULIFOLIUM$4.50One of the few sedums tolerant of shade. Forms 6-8 tree-like foliage with yellow flowers in the summer.
23646SEDUM REFLEXUM$4.50Low decumbent mats of fleshy gray-green. Yellow flowers in July.
23750SEDUM RUBROTINCTUM "MINI ME"$4.50A dwarf with blue-red jellybean-like foliage.
23745SEDUM RUPESTRE$4.50Blue spruce-like foliage with yellow flowers in summer.
23746SEDUM SERPENTINI$4.50Low growing and creeping with brown-red leaves and pink flowers in summer. Leafless in winter.
23648SEDUM SEXANGULARE "WEISSE TETRA"$4.50Six sided spiral shaped leaves, compact, turning copper color in the sun.
23650SEDUM SPURIUM "ALBUM SUPERBUM"$4.00White flowering Dragon's Blood.
This list is in addition to what is listed in the catalog. Please check the web site to see what plants will not be offered from the 2002 paper catalog which is still being used and be sure to list substitutes. Remember, if you do not state that you do not wish to receive substitutes .... you might.
85788SEMPERVIVUM ASSORTMENT$20.00This assortment will be all unnamed. You will receive 25 pups about one inch in diameter, at least 5 different varieties to get your garden started.
23759SEMPERVIVUM ASSORTMENT$35.00You will receive an assortment of 10 different, all named, full sized plants, not single pups.
23628SEMPERVIVUM "ALPINUS"$4.50Red with green centers, medium sized.
23734SEMPERVIVUM ARACHNOINEA CEBENSE$4.50One of the largest cobweb types with chicks that grow on ling stolens.
23641SEMPERVIVUM ARACHNOIDUM x PITTONII$4.50Small spider web clusters.
23622SEMPERVIVUM ARACHNOIDUM V. BRYOIDES$4.50Very tiny balls covered with a heavy web that tools like wool.
23741SEMPERVIVUM ARACHNOINEA "WEBBY FLAME"$4.50Small growing webby clusters tinged in red.
23639SEMPERVIVUM "BAGHDAD"$4.50Tight green rosettes with gray sheen, reddish brown tips.
23634SEMPERVIVUM "CLASSIC"$4.5023640SEMPERVIVUM "COLLEGE"$4.50Ed Skrocki hybrid. Dark lipstick red and green.
23624SEMPERVIVUM "DIRECTOR JACOBS"$4.50Maroon violet leaves, large and showy.
23633SEMPERVIVUM "FIMPRIATUM"$4.50Bronze-green with hairy edges.
23623SEMPERVIVUM "FUZZGLOBE"$4.5023735SEMPERVIVUM "JUBILEE"$4.50Many narrow velvet bordered in green, medium.
23630SEMPERVIVUM "ODDITY"$4.50Quill-shaped leaves that are green with purple tips, different looking.
23736SEMPERVIVUM "LAVENDER AND OLD LACE"$4.50Large open heads. Leaves are green and lightly tipped red.
23737SEMPERVIVUM "MRS. GIUSEPPI"$4.5023636SEMPERVIVUM "OLIVETTE"$4.50Gray-green leaves tipped with a hint of red, medium to large.
23626SEMPERVIVUM "OTHELLO"$4.50Strong red color, large growing.
23631SEMPERVIVUM "PEKINESE"$4.50Light green leaves that are furry and lightly webbed, medium growing.
23637SEMPERVIVUM "PILOSELLA"$4.50Medium green color. Small to medium semi-loose heads.
23621SEMPERVIVUM PSEUDO-DRABA$4.5023738SEMPERVIVUM "PURPLE PASSION"$4.50Small to medium heads, semi-open with deep purple foliage and a hint of green in centers.
23623SEMPERVIVUM "PYRENAICUM"$4.5023629SEMPERVIVUM "ROGIN"$4.50Very red, medium sized.
23739SEMPERVIVUM "ROYAL ASH"$4.50Large growing green with gray.
23740SEMPERVIVUM "ROYAL RUBY"$4.50Large heads of fairly tight,, deep purple-red foliage.
23635SEMPERVIVUM "SATURN"$4.50Rings of green, pink and red, medium sized.
23638SEMPERVIVUM "SHOWBERGER"$4.50Medium to large heads of fairly open pale gray foliage.
23741SEMPERVIVUM "STRAWBERRY FIELDS"$4.50Lovely strawberry color, fine cilia on edges.
23632SEMPERVIVUM TECTORUM$4.50Rich green leaves tipped in purple, medium.
23627SEMPERVIVUM "THAYNE"$4.50Satin blue-green leaves with maroon flushed tips, small.
23620SEMPERVIVUM "WHIRLIGIG"$4.5023743SEMPERVIVUM "WOLCOTT'S VARIETY"$4.50Silvery pink rosettes.
23654STOMATIUM MULTILINIUM "TIGER JAWS"$4.50Tiny blunt leaves with teeth, yellow flowers. Marginally hardy.
23763VIOLA CORNUTA "PAINTED PORCELAIN"$8.50Large flowers brushed in soft lilac with deeper central markings.
23762VIOLA "DANCING GEISHA"$8.50Silvery swirled, cut foliage with delicate fragrant blur flowers in mid-spring.
23761VIOLA PEDATA "ECO ARTISTS PALETTE"$8.50Each flower has shades of yellow, purple and white on a plant that grows just 3-4 inches tall, very different.

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